You have just got engaged and you’re buzzing with excitement! Ready to explode with love and happiness at everyone around you! You’re now at the start of your wedding planning journey and getting ready to design and create the most perfect wedding day of your dreams. You’ve drunk your body weight in prosecco from so many celebratory nights with your friends, looked at every beautiful wedding magazine, fantasied about your perfect wedding day and even dreamt how delicious your cake will taste. Then reality sets in and it’s time to sit down and talk with your fiance about budgets, spreadsheets, guest lists, contracts, suppliers, insurance and all the seemingly boring grown up stuff. 

That’s where we come in! The grown-up stuff doesn’t have to be boring, tedious or extremely stressful, in fact if you choose our full planning and co-ordination package you won’t even have to deal with the less fun parts at all! It’s our job to take away all your stress, worries and help in any and every way we can. We know what to do and when to do it. Wedding Planning is our lives. And we never get bored of wedding talk!

Your wedding will be one of the most important and expensive days of your life! You would still have full control but we would be there to hold your hand along the way.

To show you just how much we love producing lists, we have come up with 10 great reasons to have a wedding planner to help with your special day.

Reason 10

A Wedding Planner will help you avoid costly mistakes and can negotiate deals with your suppliers. We know what should and shouldn’t be in contracts and we know how much things should cost. The amount of wedding suppliers out there is daunting and it’s our job to know who can give you the best prices and the best results.


Your wedding planner is a huge resource for creative ideas. Part of the wedding planners job is to listen carefully to your personal vision for your wedding day feel and style; and then to help your dreams become a reality by bringing their creativity, connections, and experience into the mix.


We will create all your schedules in the run up to the wedding and the timeline of the main event itself which we ensure everyone sticks to. We organise every supplier and liaise with them every step of the way, so everything is stream-lined, and everything runs on time.


Wedding Planners love lists! Budgets, timelines, guest lists, spreadsheets you name it, we have a template for it and it will cover every detail you can imagine plus lots that you won’t even of thought of! We have lists of questions for each supplier so that you know you are hiring the very best and we even have that all important list for the, photographer, so they can get great shots of every important detail throughout the day.


Most brides that choose to plan the wedding themselves often feel the same sentiment when the wedding day rolls around, “I just can’t wait for the whole process to be over”. Every moment of planning your dream wedding should be a joy. A great wedding planner will help make the entire process enjoyable and fun, comfortably handling the stressful details on your behalf.


Surprisingly a big part of our job is negotiation and mediation between family members and friends. Weddings bring out the best and sadly the worst in people. Jealousy, trust issues, estranged family members, crazy mother in laws (MIL) we’ve seen it all. Which is a good thing as we know how to diffuse troublesome situations and help the engaged couple deal with the emotion that is sometimes thrown at them. No, it’s not fair but emotions will be running high and sometimes it’s great to have a mediator come in and make everyone take a step back and get a different perspective.


The successful execution of your wedding day time line relies upon the mutual coordination and efforts of many different wedding vendors and professionals working together seamlessly. Your wedding planner understands how each vendor’s responsibilities overlap and rely upon other vendors expected performance and they act as General, coordinating the complexities of a time line full of moving parts while you focus on getting ready for your special day.


Hiring a wedding planner is like having your very own PA in the world of weddings. You can have us help you as much as you want, whether it’s for a design consultation, budget planning, wedding day coordination or our full planning packages. If budget allows we can even duplicate your diary and make all of your appointments, meetings or lunches, you name it, we can help.


Having a wedding planner helping you means you have more time to enjoy your engagement. No-one wants to be sat at their laptop at 2am searching 500 local photographers and wondering when everything will feel fun and magical again. You don’t need to shed tears over the seating plan whilst your fiance is trying to sneak out the door to his quiet corner somewhere. You get one lucky chance to experience this magical and wonderful time in your life, make it fun, happy and stress free!


Speaking with any wedding professional who has worked with Do-It-Yourself brides and brides that hire well-known professional wedding planners, they will tell you that the difference in stress levels between the two brides is palpable. When it comes to your wedding day, one of the most important assurances you can have is that you will be able to relax and enjoy it. Remember, you are the bride! You don’t want to also act as the go-to person for the day-of issues and questions that inevitably come up. Hiring an experienced wedding planner allows you and all your beloved family and guests to live in the moment, watching your wedding day unfold beautifully as your planner works behind the scenes to keep all the wheels turning. Your wedding will be one of the most unforgettable days of your entire life! Remember it as a joy and enjoy it to the fullest!

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